What is Biomass?

Biomass plant-based material used as fuel. The fuel is created predominantly from industrial wood waste, ground down into a powder, and made into wood pellets. These are then burned inside the biomass boiler to heat water for your household heating. The burning of biomass fuel is a carbon-neutral activity, meaning it is green, renewable, and good for the world!

If your home is located in an off-gas-grid location, the chances are that you’re using oil as your heating fuel. Well, we are here to tell you that biomass is the only viable alternative. Not only does it mean cheaper fuel costs but it is much better for the environment too!

So how do you go about getting a biomass boiler?

Biomass boilers can be plumbed into your existing heating system, so you won’t need to do any expensive re-fits of your radiators or piping.

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